These are links to related websites

The Kissed Mouth  The Pre-Raphaelite Blog of Kirsty Stonell Walker - Very informative and highly entertaining as well.

Talisman Fine Art & Talisman Symbolist Studies  Online Gallery and Dealers in Symbolist Art and Art Nouveau and Deco Pictures, Pastoral and Visionary Art and with Related Articles.

Enchanted Booklet  Website featuring illustrations to rare books.

´╗┐IMAGO-X is a new psycho-analiterarate broadsheet bringing images and texts through the lens of psychoanalysis. Available quarterly.

'The Agenda of IMAGO-X, its broadsheet and associated events are to bring together two practices. To evoke the magic of poetry and the artistry which is found at the heart of psychoanalysis; we inhabit the ambiguity that exists at the heart of all our relationships whilst aiming to create something both potent and playful.'