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"What motivates a young woman to enter a closed order of Carmelite nuns, and what is it like to live that life? Why would a beautiful and wealthy woman abandon her socialite whirl in Belle Epoque Paris and marriage to a Spanish nobleman to become a Prioress? How can a girl survive a terrifying experience in the African forest and the degradation of slavery to become the strongest of women? And why would a multi-talented man devote his life to the support of the last scion of an aristocratic French family? William Rose takes us on a journey through the thoughts, joys and fears of all his characters, as well as geographically from glittering Paris to the heat and dust of the African desert and southern Spain, and finally, via a shocking denouement, to redemption in the cool peacefulness of an old house in central France. Deep insight into the unseen effects of early life experiences, and the influence each of us can have on others, makes this a fascinating, thought-provoking read."

"We see into the psyche of the enigmatic Camille and the sensual mythology that shines through her dreams; we accompany an aristocratic French heiress around the great Paris Exposition of 1900, meeting some of the artists who were lighting up the art world at that time, and in stark contrast, we experience intense scenes from the life of ‘Sister Africa’ growing up in Senegal. And these three passionate souls, strangely linked, collide in one unlikely sanctuary – a closed Carmelite monastery in Central France. But can this place offer them full protection from what threaten to shatter their peace? All moves towards an intense climax."

Spain, 1920s. The lives of three Carmelite nuns intersect and develop through a period of intense experience. In their personal histories there is great contrast, from the artistic exuberance of Paris in 'La Belle Époque' to slavery in Africa, but a past element is shared that has deeply affected each one. This novel is a striking exploration of personal history aided by the spirited observations of an eccentric French psychoanalyst. It is also an emotive reflection upon the agony of maternal loss and betrayal, and upon love.

William Rose adeptly guides the narrative through Africa, Spain and France in the early decades of the 20th century, as the characters reveal their histories and discover the destinies that await them.'

Published by Sphinx, an imprint of Aeon Books Ltd, 2019.

Copyright 2019 William Rose. ISBN-13:978-1-91257-313-4